3.5" Color Monitor Outdoors Underwater Fishing Camera Camcorder Fish Finder

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3.5" Color Monitor Outdoors Underwater Fishing Camera Camcorder Fish Finder

Underwater Fish Finder Camera Description :

ISmart SMT-3520 Fish Finder Camera is mainly designed with the underwater camera and display set, which can keep watching on the moving direction of the fish school and then send image through the camera to the display to determine the location of the fish school and the situation of the biting fishhook, so it is the best partner of the fishing fan.

Patented product; independent design and development; professional production and sales; one year warranty; cost-effective; perfect after-sales service.  (Inner packing real shot as shown below [white and black shell] figure turn the fish finders host, tripod, probe, charger)

Product parameters 
Backlight brightness 450cd/m2; cable length 20m; diameter1.0mm,withstanding a tension up to10Kg,operating temperature -20℃ to 60℃,digital zoom,infrared night vision, 300000 pixel,  low-illumination 1lux

There are three stages of power-saving mode, mainly to control the LED backlight brightness. When booting, it is the brightest, showing the initial state. When pressing the power-saving mode switch, it enters into the darker state and if pressing the switch again, it enters into the power-saving mode, at this time, it is the darkest but the most power-saving. Fishing fans can adjust the brightness according to the light.

The product is suitable for visual fishing, underwater topography detection, and aquaculture and so on.

Detailed performance parameters
Camera parameters:
300,000 pixel, appr.12g 
Low illumination:0.1Lux  resolution is up to 420 TV line
Image pickup angel:150 degrees
tensile resistance of cable:10kg
LED lamps:two IR lights
cable length:20 meters
operating temperature:--20℃ to 60℃

Display parameters
Display size:3.5-inch Digital LCD screen (built-in rechargeable battery)
backlight brightness:450cd/㎡
battery endurance: 7.5-8.0hours(under fully charge state)
weight :appr.180g(including the weight of the battery)
operating temperature: -20℃ to 60℃
color box size:250 ×210×55mm(length ×width×height)